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In today’s climate, stores are required to minimize capacity which leads to unpopular lines ups with the potentially high wait times. Even when in the store and needing to check out, users are faced with inconvenient and potentially unsafe line ups. In many cases, customers will turn away when they see such lines ups, which negatively impacts the stores sales. Lose The Line has a couple of solutions that can help with this problem.

Walk in Customers

Lose The Line eliminates the need for physical line ups. LOSEtheLine provides a mobile app that will instantly give customers a place in the queue with an estimated wait time. Customers can then decide to wait in their vehicle or in another safe and comfortable place until it is there turn to enter. As people enter the store, the position and wait times for those still waiting will immediately be updated so customers know exactly how many people are in front of them and how much time they have until they need to return.

Features of LOSEtheLine


  • Get a ticket, position in line and estimated wait time instantly
  • Real-time notifications as you get closer to the front.
  • Auto refresh your position in line.
  • View Store offers while you’re waiting.


  • Set up multiple queues, such as Entrance and checkout.
  • Setup up lanes at checkouts that direct shopper to a specific cashier.
  • Set queue opening and closing hours by day or special days
  • Set the minimum distance a customer must be in order to join a queue.
  • Add walk up users to the queue.
  • Managers can quickly close or re-open queues based on congestion.
  • Employees can manage multiple queues at the same time.
  • Desk mode provides a display where customers can manually add themselves to a line, scan QR code or view the current number being served.

Benefits of LOSEtheLine

  • Increase sales by providing a tool to make it convenient to wait for their turn to enter.
  • Increase sales by allowing customers to continue to shop until it’s their turn to checkout.
  • Customers wait in the safety and comfort of their own private space as they wait for their turn to be served.
  • Avoid customers waiting in inclement weather such as cold, rain or heat
  • Can create high satisfaction levels among customers due to the convenience of multiple options for being served.
  • Not needing to wait in line means people do not have to take off more work than necessary. Parents can better arrange for child care. Overall time management would be positively affected
  • Vulnerable groups will be removed from harm’s way.
  • Environmentally friendly. Hours long car line ups for drive through testing will be a thing of the past.

How does it work?

As guests arrive at the service location, within the permitted distance, they simply open the Lose The Line app or scan the QR code and put themselves immediately in the queue. All without interacting with anyone. After receiving their position and estimated wait time, they will continue to receive real-time position and estimated wait time updates and alerts on their mobile phone.

No App? No Problem.

Using the LOSEtheLine App will give customers the greatest benefit but if a customer doesn’t have or cannot install the App then they can quickly register their name and cell phone number with an employee and get notifications by text

No Phone? No Problem.

Manually added to the queue either through self-serve terminal/tablet by host/hostess Receive a queue position and be called when your number is up


Another convenient and secure option in servicing guests is by reservation or appointment. This convenient and simple to administer self-serve function provides an added convenience when a visitor cannot simply show up at the service location and wait to be served. With the Reservation component, guests can conveniently book a reservation or appointment from the service organization’s website or directly from the Lose The Line App


  • Set up Multiple Sections
  • Configure Number of days in advance a visitor can make an reservation/appointment
  • Configure the Maximum number of Guests allowed per reservation/appointment
  • Restrict number of reservation/appointments allowed per time slot
  • Flexible reservation/appointment schedules-- Weekend,Weekday,Time of day,Holiday or Special day
  • Set time slots intervals: i.e. 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 mins
  • Restrict time slots for Special Groups, i.e. elderly, front line, disabilities, health conditions
  • Confirmation and reminder Emails and Text messages
  • Post reservation/appointment management: Reschedule, Cancel
  • Easy to integrate with your website. One line code.


When a guest wants to book a reservation for a specific time spot but all reservations are taken, you don’t have to turn away a potential customer. You can turn on the Waitlist function and users will be able to add themselves to the waitlist and either get bumped to a confirmed reservation if a cancellation occurs for that time slot, are allow them to be put into the queue at the specified time of their waitlist reservation and they will be put in the “front of the line” based on their waitlist order.


  • Set Number of waitlist spots per reserved timeslot.
  • Waitlist spots are highlighted to be easily identified.
  • The number of parties already on the waitlist is displayed.
  • When a confirmed reservation is cancelled, first person on waitlist will be moved to a confirmed status.
  • Confirmation email sent when Waitlist reservation is bumped to confirmed.
  • Waitlist fills in spots otherwise wasted when a confirmed reservation has been cancelled.

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Our app can deliver services that convert online consumer research into in-store transactions. You can reduce customer service delays, reduce line sizes, and put productive employees in front of excited shoppers. By improving operations, staff can spend more time assisting customers and increasing satisfaction rates.

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